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How to taste Kona Coffee

Comprehensive guide on how to properly taste/compare Kona Coffee

Like anything worth enjoying, to properly enjoy and appreciate Kona coffee, care and preparation is required

The items and equipment you'll need to fully take in the Kona coffee experience are:

  • Whole bean, 100 Percent Pure Kona Coffee (of course)
  • A coffee grinder (preferably a Burr coffee grinder)
  • Fresh, clean water
  • A tablespoon
  • Cups (for tasting the coffee)
  • Spoons
  • Additional cups (for spitting)

First, ensure the coffee is whole bean 100 percent pure Kona. As discussed, a Kona blend is 10 percent Kona coffee, 90 percent coffee from other regions, and is sometimes also make up of substandard beans. If this is your first experience with Kona or if you're an experienced coffee drinker, accept nothing less than 100 Percent Pure Kona Coffee.

Grind the coffee beans to a medium-coarse consistency with the grinder. It should be like coarse sand or raw sugar. Grinding the coffee too fine will result in bitter tasting coffee.

Fill your tasting cups with two heaping tablespoons of ground coffee. Boil the water and fill each cup with about six ounces of nearly boiling water. The temperature should be about 200 degrees. Having the grounds in contact with the boiling water brings out flavors that would be lost in other methods, such as drip coffee makers. However, do not let the grounds and coffee mix for too long or it will get bitter.

Fill your spoon with the coffee, taking care to avoid floating grounds. Slurp the coffee, so the forced air disperses it throughout the mouth and tongue. Swirl the coffee around your mouth and note the overall flavor of the Kona coffee.

While the experience is subjective, most people agree that Kona coffee is smooth, balanced and medium-bodied.

Spit out the coffee — or swallow and enjoy 100 Percent Pure Kona Coffee.